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KP2 is a windshield-mounted touchpad that gives drivers the ability to lock, unlock, and share their vehicles without the use of a key, remote, or smartphone. In daily use, the KP2 Touchpad functions as a convenient replacement for car keys for unlocking and locking thedoors. To lock/arm the vehicle’s doors, the driver simply needs to hold the “Lock” button on the KP2. When the driver is ready to hit the road, they can unlock the doors by entering their 4-6 digit PIN code onto the windshield mounted touchpad. The KP2’s upgraded capacitive touch sensors respond quickly for drivers who are on the go.

KP2 now supports two separate PIN codes, one reserved for the vehicle owner (“Master PIN”) and one reserved for shared drivers (“Guest PIN”). The Guest PIN code is time-sensitive and will expire on the time/date appointedby the vehicle owner via the DroneMobile smartphone app. In order to enable Guest PIN codes, the KP2 must be installed with a KL1 KeyLocker, which Firstech released in Spring 2020. Guest PIN codes make the KP2 an ideal solution for car sharing situations. Whether a vehicle owner is hosting out-of-town guests or using car-sharing services such as Turo or Getaround, he/she could share PIN codes with other drivers without revealing his/her own Master PIN code. The KP2 will eventually be included with every Drone KL1 KeyLocker, giving car sharers an all-in-one vehicle and key management solution. Installation of the KP2 Keyless Touchpad is simple, requiring only a single connection to a compatible Firstech remote starter, alarm, or KeyLocker. As usual, Firstech offers an array of programming methods via desktop, smartphone, or Firstech’s proprietary “OP-500” option programmer.



  • Keyless Touchpad
  • Works w/ Firstech CMX, CM900, & CM2400
  • Excellent for Car Sharing
  • Improved OEM-style, look and feel
  • Set master and guest passcodes

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