Compak Series LED Headlight


Bulb Size: H4
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  • SIZE DOES MATTER: The Compak Series is the smallest high-performance LED package available at ODX.
  • NO EXTERNAL DRIVER: The LED driver is internal. There is no other piece attached on the wire. The high-quality thermoformed plastic connectors are securely attached.
  •  DURABILITY: Its all-aluminum design ensures great durability and superior cooling capacity when compared to the plastic LED assemblies you'll find on the market. 
  • ANTI RADIO INTERFERENCE: The cable is protected by a braided sleeve that prevents magnetic fields and radio interference from conflicting with the radio and transmission.  
  • LARGER BEAM ANGLE:The thickness of the internal electronics board is less than 2.5mm, which increases the angle of light scattering inside your spotlight. A larger angle has the effect of greatly reducing the black areas on the ground. 
  • INSTANT IGNITION:The ignition of the chip is immediate once turned on so there is no need to warm them up it as the HID. 
  • WARRANTY: Limited LIFETIME. They are built to last over 30 000 hours.
  • THERMAL PROTECTION: The LED chips are securely attached and are cooled by the fan. Importantly, should the fan stop running, an internal thermal protection system would reduce the voltage sent to the LED chips to just 3 volts, protecting the chips from overheating. You can then easily replace the fan. 
  • COMPATIBLE WITH:H4, H7, H11, H11B, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9012.

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