The Differences Between Factory and Aftermarket Remote Starters

We frequently are asked some version of the question, “what is the difference between an aftermarket and a factory remote starter?” The main benefit of an aftermarket remote starter is that you do not need to buy a new vehicle to have one installed! Compustar remote starters are compatible with over 90% of vehicles on the road, including manual transmission, diesels, hybrids, and select luxury models. Check out some of the other benefits below!

The Aftermarket Remote Start Difference 

Factory remote starters, also referred to as OEM remote starters, are systems that come pre-built into a vehicle. Any remote starter you have installed after purchasing your vehicle is called an “aftermarket” remote starter. While OEM remote starters can be a nice addition to a vehicle, they are typically not as powerful as an aftermarket system.

Aftermarket Remote Starters Offer Improved Remote Start Range

OEM remotes have the same range as a regular key fob (normally only 65 feet) and cannot be upgraded. On the other hand, Compustar remote starters have the capacity for many upgrades including smartphone control, advanced security, keyless entry, and more!

Aftermarket Remote Starters Provide 2-Way Confirmation

Another improvement of aftermarket remote starters is that you have can get a 2-way remote. 2-way remotes allow you to send commands to your vehicle and confirm when the command is successful. Without 2-way, you could walk outside to find your command failed without you knowing and the vehicle never started. That’s why 2-way is great, because you’ll always know your vehicle has started and is ready for you.  

Aftermarket Remote Starters are Fully Customizable

When choosing a remote starter, you have several customization options. Some are auxiliary functions that grant you control over other vehicle features from your Compustar remote. For example, your installer can program your remote to roll down your windows, pop the trunk, and or integrate a car security system. 

Other popular customization are runtime extensions. Most OEM remote starters are programmed with a runtime of 10 minutes or less that cannot be altered. With Compustar, you choose the runtime (up to a maximum of 45 minutes) that works for you.

Compustar systems are a base for many other vehicle accessories. For example, all of DroneMobile’s products are compatible with Compustar and provide smartphone remote start control. They also offer security accessories such as our ALARMIT Kits and DAS-II shock sensors.  


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