3 Quick Tips to Find a Great Car Alarm & Remote Start Installer

3 Quick Tips to Find a Great Car Alarm & Remote Start Installer

A well-designed remote starter, car alarm, or vehicle accessory transforms the comfort and safety of any car. These types of upgrades allow you to have the latest convenience and safety features, even on older model vehicles. 

However, no matter how great the brand, if you have your hardware installed by the wrong person, then you might as well not add it at all! Before you go out and purchase a remote starter or a car security system, make sure your installer meets these standards!

Do They Have Professional, Trained Install Technicians?

When looking for a good installer, be sure to take note of the training they provide their team. How long have they installed the product you’re looking to buy? If they run into any issues, who will they turn to for help? 

Now, this is important to know for a couple of reasons. If your installer is well-trained: 

  1. They’ll get the job done right 
  2. The install with be completed faster 
  3. They’ll have high-quality help for troubleshooting issues

A basic internet shopping rule comes in handy here: check online reviews. If you look up the installer only to find dozens of reviews talking about how customers had recurring issues with supposedly high-quality systems after installation, the system was likely installed incorrectly.

We pride ourselves on the expert-level training and continued support.

Is The Business Located Nearby For Convenient Pick-Up And Drop-Off?

One of the biggest concerns people have when deciding whether or not to install new products onto their vehicle is time. But the wait is well worth it if you’re having products installed to increase the value, comfort, and safety of your vehicle. However, convenient drop off and pick up is still incredibly important. 

Sometimes, especially if you reside in a metropolitan area, the more conveniently located installers are often the busiest. This is a good sign! Calling back to point one, if an installer is busy, it probably means they provide high-quality services, and their convenient location makes them even more appealing. If you have a busy schedule, it’s often worth it to wait for the installer closest to your home or work. You might have to wait a few extra days for an appointment, but it will save you a headache. 


Are They Familiar with Your Vehicle and the Products You Want Installed?

This is especially important if you’re looking to have a remote starter installed. Remote starters are some of the most complex vehicle accessories to have installed. Depending on your car and the features you’re looking for, there are many different products your installer needs to be familiar with to get you what you want.  

While the industry has changed and advanced a lot over the last ten years, remote starters and other vehicle accessories are still not one size fits all. In a lot of ways, this is a good thing because you will get a vehicle-specific system. 

Vehicle-specific systems allow for customizations unavailable otherwise. To choose and make the right solution work, however, the installer must be familiar with the vehicle and the range of products offered by the manufacturer.

Are They Authorized by the Manufacturer to Sell the Product?

If you’re looking to get your money’s worth, always make sure you purchase from an Authorized Retailer. Never get a system installed by a technician who is not authorized to install that product. Here’s why: 

  1. You’ll void your manufacturer’s warranty – if your system fails, you’re out of luck!
  2. Unauthorized installers don’t have access to the required firmware.
  3. The technician won’t have access to the help network available to authorized dealers.

Sometimes this can be tempting, maybe you have a buddy who says they can install your system for free for example, but in the end, you won’t be saving any money. Plus, unauthorized installers will not have the training necessary to get the install done quickly (or properly) and you’ll end up wasting time.


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